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    As a trade exhibition, the HIVOLTEC addresses manufacturers of plants, machinery, equipment and tools for working with and operating medium and high voltage plants, as well as service providers for this sector.


    1. Electrical engineering and energy technology


    Air-insulated control gear, SF6 gas-insulated systems, Outdoor switchgear, Power and distribution transformers, Current and voltage transformers, Protection technology, relays, Cables, Overhead lines, Flexible and rigid connection elements made of copper, aluminium, Local network and transformer stations, Short-circuit, earth leakage indicators, Voltage tester, voltage testing systems, Disconnectors, load disconnectors, circuit breakers, Earthing disconnectors, earthing switches, Earthing systems, Insulators, Insulator oils and gases, Inverter modules MV / HV

    2. Control technology and automation


    Control centres, Communication technology, Transmission and telecontrol engineering / IEC 61850, Sensors, engine technology, Smart Grid solutions (software)

    3. Measurement technology


    Stationary and portable measurement and testing technology, Cable testing trucks

    4. Occupational safety and fire protection


    Personal protective equipment (PPE), Safety signs, Fire protection walls, doors, passages, Safety devices, Insulated work platforms, scaffolding, ladders

    5. Transport, Machines, Plant construction


    Cable and hoisting winches, Installation technology, Hand machines, Bending machines, Lightning protection facilities, Excess voltage protection, Underground cable construction, Overhead line construction, Substations, Mast systems, Train electricity systems, Accumulator systems, Compensation systems

    6. Services


    Planning firms, Transportation companies, Logistic services providers, Oil analysis, gas analysis, Disposal / Regeneration, Dismantling, Specialist publishers, Associations, Government agencies / institutions, TAB documentation, Pre-qualification databases, Bid portals, Education

    7. Research and development


    Research institutes, (Technical) Universities, Laboratories / Measurement and testing services

    Additional value for trade visitors: exhibitors at the adjacent efa present products and services for the energy technology infrastructure, including the medium and high voltage level, as well.

    Energy technology at efa

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